An Ode to Coffee Shops

via How Coffee Masters Around the World Take Their Coffee | SAVEUR.

This article above about international coffee shops, reminded me of my coffee journeys, trying out the brews in different shops and breathing in the atmosphere of each coffee house space. I believe every coffee space provides a channel for conversation and a time to settle down instead of the perceived go-go-go personality of our current society.

601 Vallejo Street is where this little coffeshop stands. It’s called Caffe Trieste. It’s in the little Italy (Northbeach district) of San Francisco. Photo by Esther Lu.
Verve Coffee Roasters in Santa Cruz. Blue berry notes lingers in their latte. Chocolate Frosting Vegan donut. I’m never spending $5 on a donut ever again, but the latte was worth it. Photo by Esther Lu.

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