Beef Noodle Soup

These are leftovers from a bakery called 360 Degree Bakery in Fremont, CA in the Warm Springs district. Sadly, the place has since closed because story goes the rent there has gone up double. Thank you, gentrification.

I’ll miss their bright colored macaroons. I remember I ate an earl grey macaroon , green tea, mocha with gold leaf painted on top… the store was sparsely decorated except for a bunch of random wedding trinkets in a see through glass shelf.

The original recipe from this bakery is simple but still delicious. Normally, Beef Noodle Soup comes in a large bowl, it was priced here at around 7 dollars. It had beef broth, tendons, pickled veggies and noodles. If you eat in store, the owner would even give you freshly made 冬瓜茶 (Winter Melon tea), a Taiwanese original favorite . For this leftover dish,  I added a touch up of chopped tomatoes, an egg,  and chives.

My favorite memory of this place is whenever my mom and I would drive back to Santa Cruz or be coming up to the East Bay, this would be our stop. Sometimes, when my mom came to visit me, she’d bring Beef Noodle Soup from the 360 Degree Bakery. I’m not sure what makes food taste good, is it the memory of compassion or just the taste? It’s probably both.


Photo by Esther Lu Copyright 2016.

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