Spiced Apples, pork sausage, egg over rice


Photo by Esther Lu Copyright 2016

Fried, spiced apples…it’s definitely something southern. I grew up in the south with it’s assortment of heavy foods, creative foods, heavenly foods. It’s hearty meals are what I remember most.

Some might ask, why do you eat white rice for break fast? Well, I actually learned of this style of breakfast from my friend Joanne who is Filipina. Her family on occasion will eat white rice as a breakfast staple with sunny side up, and sausage, which I have to say is the best thing ever! They say in the Philippines, white rice for breakfast is common place on certain islands.


White Rice (Medium Grain)

1 Egg

Pork Sausage (or any kind of sausage) w/ sprinkled with paprika and salt

Fried Apples sprinkled with cinnamon



I love making rice with a rice cooker because it’s so simple! For this, I poured a cup of rice in the cooker, and pour water until it covers the rice about one centimeter over.

-Sunny Side Up

Heat the pan with cooking oil, the oil should be about 1 tsp.

Once the pan is warm, crack the egg and cook it till you see the egg whites and yolk form together. Add salt if desired.

-Pork sausage

Cook the sausage on medium high heat for about 5-7min. You can add paprika and salt for tasting.

-Fried Apples

Chop 1 apple into small slices, so they cook quicker. Heat the pan with 2 tsp of cooking oil. When the pan is warm, add the apples in and fry for about 5-7 min. on low to medium heat. You want to make sure the apples don’t burn, but they’ll turn a golden color and if you add cinnamon, that’ll be all the better!

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