Decolonizing the Taiwanese Identity

How did Japanese colonialism in the education sector of Taiwanese society influence the creation of a unique Taiwanese identity that separates itself from being seen as Chinese?



Photo by Esther Lu Copy Right 2016.

This photo was of my great uncles who was recruited by the Japanese government to fight in World War II during the time Taiwan was colonized by Japan. Behind him are Japanese war planes.

This was a final paper for my East Asian Politics Class. My interest from this topic largely stems from my interest in how Japanese culture has influenced my own family who are Taiwanese as well. Also, stemming curiosity on how why certain people groups will resonate with the cultural powers that have colonized them instead of deflecting colonial influence.

As always, let me know your thoughts on the topic or my paper.

Check it out here: final_research_paper_esther-lu_polisci

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