To Be Black: The United States versus The United Kingdom

Check out his song! Sadly, I couldn’t find the original music video for this song, it must have been taken off Youtube.

This is a critical annotation (Black Feminist Revolutionary Art Class), of the song “Slave” by Nigerian-British artist Samm Henshaw. Unlike formal research papers, this work is done much more loosely in terms of formality but does dig deep into the substance of exploring the symbolism of his lyrics. He explores the systemic confines of what being a Black man is like in the United Kingdom.

Critical Annotation:critical_annotation_of_slave_by_esther_lu

My inspiration behind writing this piece grew from a gnawing question of how the concept of race is viewed and explored outside of the American definition . This song seems to be specifically centered on Black maleness in the UK. Also, Samm Henshaw is an artist who creates beautiful gospel / R&B influenced music which is what drew me to him in the first place.


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