What Lies Behind Hope and Blessings For the Taiwanese Identity


Within the Taiwanese culture, people worship their ancestors or parts of nature in temples such as these,  as a way to receive blessings all throughout their lives. (Taipei, Taiwan) Photo  by Esther Lu Copy Right 2016.

This research paper was one of the first dives that I took into exploring what it meant to be Taiwanese American. The translation aspect of this paper involved understanding the socio-cultural context of translating a poem from Taiwanese-Mandarin into American English.

Taking this Translation Theory course literally changed my perspective on how I understood my own identity in seeking the spaces where I translate my daily world in my own upbringing of a 1st generation Taiwanese immigrant home.

Check out my work here: estherlu-translation_final_paper

As always, let me know your thoughts on the topic or my paper.


Blessing’s Touch 幸福的滋味

 by Jimmy Liao 幾米


1 Even after , we did not feel the need to speak anymore

後來, 我們甚至不再說話了。

2 No longer did we open our eyes



3 We did not even (need to) wonder what the other one was doing or to ask what the other one was thinking. 不再在乎對方在做什麼, 想什麼?

4 Even after, we fell asleep,

後來, 我們甚至睡著了,


5 blessings are not aware of sleeping


6 and as we were tossing in the midst of each other’s dreams



7 Our blessings ever so slightly awoke




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