Advent in America: Politics and Baptism – A Sermon on Matthew 24:36-44 for Advent 1A

Interrupting the Silence

The First Sunday of Advent – Matthew 24:36-44

Baptism, Politics, Matthew 24:36-44, United States of America, Isaiah 2:1-5, Trump, Romans 13:1-11, Presidential ElectionMany are saying that the world has changed and that it changed on November the 8th with the election of Mr. Trump as our next president. Some are excited and hopeful about this change. They’ve waited a long time for this day. Others are terrified and dismayed about the change. They never wanted to see this day come. Both sides have expressed anger. Most, I suspect, are just worn out by the whole process. And everyone seems to be looking to and trying to predict the future. What will happen? What new policies and legislation will be enacted? What existing policies and legislation will be repealed? Where is America headed? What does the future hold?

Those questions are not just for post-election America. The disciples surely must have thought their world would be changing when Jesus told them the temple would…

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